provide young people a chance for a better future


Stichting Fusion Study Foundation

Imagine you passed your high school exams and want to continue your education but you are from a family where there is no money available for further education.  Imagine you were born in a country where there is no standard student support and your family background is such that getting an educational loan is out of the question.  What do you do in that case, when you are bright and want to study at a university or college?

There are many young people in India who are facing this problem, and who can not go to college despite their high marks in 12th standard.  When this happens they will work instead of study, in low-wage jobs, or at home, and girls often marry young.  Fusion Study Foundation has been established in 2005 to give young people in Gujarat and Rajasthan a chance to study despite their economical background, a chance to escape the circle of poverty and a chance for a better future.